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What is a Tension Fit Life? A Tension Fit Life begins with understanding and identifying all forms of proper and improper Tension that undoubtedly affects one’s body.

The body itself is its own phenomena, its own Modulus. Modulus is defined as the relationship between stress (Tension) over strain. Tension is manifested in the body in three forms: Physical, Emotional, and Chemical (Dietary).

The elevated un-balanced nature of improper Tension maximizes the level of improper body Strain therefore preventing the maximization of optimum fitness, health, and peak performance.

Proper tension are those realms of tension that unquestionably support a Tension Fit Life. Proper nutrition coupled with proper emotional and physical engagement are just what the body needs. These pillars of health were designed to build the body up versus wear and tear the body down.

The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training are the unconditional flag holders of a Tension Fit Life. Optimization of fitness, health, and peak performance are the platforms on which they stand.

The Founder/Inventor of the TFT and the Family that comprises the Tension Fit Team undyingly believes:

“The common denominator in Worldwide Health is that we all are afforded only One Life to Be Tension Fit”

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