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Tension Fit Monthly Affirmation

And Then There Was TENSION”  is our steadfast affirmation of the unconditional arrival of The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT), and the unwavering belief in Tension Fit Training.

Webster’s dictionary defines affirmation as an assertion and/or confirmation that something exists or declared to be true. The word was derived from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen”.

It is our motivation to make steady, and strengthen the fitness, health, and peak performance goals of those who experience The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training.

In continuing to develop our focus on those who have joined our Tension Fit conquest, we open up the opportunity for you to share with us your personal Tension Fit affirmation. There will be a monthly selection of the most inspiring and unique Tension Fit affirmation to be shared with those who have become a part of our Community Tension. A prize will be awarded each month to the person who is selected.

The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training can mean one phenomenon as the collective whole, but can equally mean another marvel to each individual. Please feel free to share your TENSION with us!!!

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