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Tension Fit Monthly Affirmation

And Then There Was TENSION”  is our steadfast affirmation of the unconditional arrival of The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT), and the unwavering belief in Tension Fit Training.

Webster’s dictionary defines affirmation as an assertion and/or confirmation that something exists or declared to be true. The word was derived from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen”.

It is our motivation to make steady, and strengthen the fitness, health, and peak performance goals of those who experience The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training.

In continuing to develop our focus on those who have joined our Tension Fit conquest, we open up the opportunity for you to share with us your personal Tension Fit affirmation. There will be a monthly selection of the most inspiring and unique Tension Fit affirmation to be shared with those who have become a part of our Community Tension. A prize will be awarded each month to the person who is selected.

The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training can mean one phenomenon as the collective whole, but can equally mean another marvel to each individual. Please feel free to share your TENSION with us!!!

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What is a Tension Fit Life? A Tension Fit Life begins with understanding and identifying all forms of proper and improper Tension that undoubtedly affects one’s body.

The body itself is its own phenomena, its own Modulus. Modulus is defined as the relationship between stress (Tension) over strain. Tension is manifested in the body in three forms: Physical, Emotional, and Chemical (Dietary).

The elevated un-balanced nature of improper Tension maximizes the level of improper body Strain therefore preventing the maximization of optimum fitness, health, and peak performance.

Proper tension are those realms of tension that unquestionably support a Tension Fit Life. Proper nutrition coupled with proper emotional and physical engagement are just what the body needs. These pillars of health were designed to build the body up versus wear and tear the body down.

The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) and Tension Fit Training are the unconditional flag holders of a Tension Fit Life. Optimization of fitness, health, and peak performance are the platforms on which they stand.

The Founder/Inventor of the TFT and the Family that comprises the Tension Fit Team undyingly believes:

“The common denominator in Worldwide Health is that we all are afforded only One Life to Be Tension Fit”

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Where’s The Tension?

Where’s The Tension? That’s just what we would like to know!!! The Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) can be effectively used for exercise in a limitless variety of locations: At the park, in the gym, on the track, in the office, at home, on the football field, at the basketball court, at the tennis courts, on the golf range, in the woods, at the beach, on a hill, better yet on a mountain, just to name a few.

Take this opportunity to tell us where you safely use your TFT. Therefore allowing us and our Tension Fit community the opportunity to truly answer the question, Where’s The Tension? You can share a post at the bottom of the page and/or send  a picture with small caption via email to . We will randomly select a submitted photo each week to share on this page with our fellow TFT enthusiast. We will only share photos of those who have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Any submission that we deem offensive, and or inappropiate will not be elgible to be shared.

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Get your WEEKLY Tension

Add a new exercise to your Tension Fit know how!!! Each week one of our certified Tension Fit Ambassadors will give you a new and effective Tension Fit Trainer (TFT) exercise for FREE. Click the image / link below to see the TFT exercise in full GO.  Now get your dose of DAILY Tension.

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