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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the difference between the TFT Slim Gym, TFT All Pro, & TFT World Champ?

  • The only difference between all TFT’s is the INITIAL TENSION (Force) that each offers. Each TFT has a max distance that can be extended which therefore determines the max force that the TFT can deliver.

2.  What is the range of force of the TFT Slim Gym?

  • The TFT Slim Gym delivers 5 to 35lbs of force.

3.  What is the range of force of the TFT All Pro?

  • The TFT All Pro delivers 15 to 55lbs of force.

4.  What is the range of force of the TFT World Champ? 

  • The TFT World Champ delivers 25 to 75lbs of force.

5.  Does TFT require any additional attachments or assembly?

  • TFT is one complete unit with zero additional attachments, and requires no other outside assembly. TFT is ready for action right outside of the box.

6.  Where can TFT be used?

  • TFT can be used practically anywhere. There are a vast array of indoor and outdoor locations that TFT can be safely used. Indoor use is very simple by using any door (from top, bottom, and every height / angle in between). Outdoor use can be accomplished by using TFT’s universal anchor to attach safely to almost anything.

7.  How does TFT differ from the top Suspension Trainers, and weights? 

  • Unlike suspension trainers and weights, TFT follows the proper strength curve of the muscle. Muscles gain strength when going from an eccentric to concentric position. TFT understands this dynamic and therefore increases its strength proportional to the muscles increased strength throughout the entire range of motion. TFT can be connected for use above the users head, below their feet, and every angle / height in between. Suspension Trainers can only be attached for use above the users head.

8.  What is TFT’s principle of design?

  • TFT was designed from a Force x Distance philosophy. F x D = Work. This work is directly proportional to being able to engage all muscles within the body. The user is able to adjust / control the F x D ratios automatically by moving closer or further from TFT’s anchor point.

9. What kind of workouts can I do with TFT?

  • TFT was constructed to take the guess work out of fitness while providing elevated efficiency. TFT can be used for strength, rehabilitation, cardio, cross training, flexibility, plyometrics, endurance training, peak performance, core engagement, balance, etc. just to name a few.


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